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Sunday, January 04, 2009

434 bucks? Dammitman that's an expensive housecall!

Yeah, $434 last Friday for Rescue Rooter to come to the house and unclog my kitchen sink drain.! That was waaay too much money and if I had known how much it was going to cost, I would have worked harder to fix it myself. That was just a crazy amount of money for the value received. I did get the clog unstuck but that was a lousy bite in my check book.

As it turned out, Rescue Rooter guy took one look at our clog, borrowed my ladder so he could work through the vent stack on the roof and pushed a Scour-Jet 1500 high pressure nozzle down to the clog. Once he cleared that he also installed a float ball valve in our laundry room floor drain to prevent the washer discharge from wetting the floor all the time. And both his fixes seem to have worked very well, I'll give him that.

And I suppose, if I had decided to fix my problem myself, I could have dug a little deeper, (and longer) to remove the clog. I should have gone to The Home Depot and rented a motorized cable snake and done the job myself. But I had deluded myself into thinking a hundred dollar bill or a little more was all a plumber was going to cost me and so I committed to going that route. Not next time though!

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